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Ownership Program Highlight: Dream Easy

Dream Easy, with up to 40% off of your Yacht
Catamaran docked with sunset

Dream Easy, with up to 40% off of your Yacht

Make your dream of owning a yacht a reality. Today’s ownership highlight is one of our most sought after ownership programs: Dream Easy.

Our Dream Easy Yacht Ownership Program is Different

Named aptly for the ease of which you are able to become the owner of the yacht of your choice. Our Dream Easy ownership program differs from our other programs in that the structure of the purchase allows the buyer to pay only 60% of the total purchase price of the yacht. The Dream Easy program is structured with two payments, the first, 35% is due when you purchase the yacht and the remaining balloon payment of 25% at the end of a 66-month term allowing you to purchase the yacht for a full 40% off of the retail price. There are no additional expenses to the owner, and worldwide reciprocal owner use is available.

Dream Yacht Charter and Sales retains the title to the yacht until the payment is received at the end of 66 months.

Dream Easy Benefits

The main benefits to entering this program aside from purchasing your yacht for 40% off include:

  • You enjoy up to 8 weeks of sailing each year on your yacht or one of a similar make and model in any of our over 40 global destinations.
  • Zero operating expenses for the duration of the 66-month program. As a Dream Yacht Charter owner, you pay no operating expenses. We take care of everything, including dockage, insurance, parts, labor and much more. It truly is worry-free yacht ownership.
  • Professional maintenance and phase-out. Your yacht’s maintenance will meet the most rigorous industry standards at no cost to you. Our team of professionals, in accordance with precise guidelines, will perform all work.
  • Brokerage support. At the end of the program, you may choose to make the balloon payment and keep the yacht or sell it. If you decide to sell, we have brokerage offices around the world that will assist in marketing your yacht for resale to assure a seamless transition.

Yacht Brands offered in the Dream Easy Ownership Program:

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If you are ready to buy we have wide array of available yachts arriving to our destinations this Fall.

Yachts are available to own immediately in varied locations including: 

Destination: Grenada


2017 Lagoon 52

Retail: €958,818

Dream Easy Price: €575,290

Destination: Bahamas


2017 Lagoon 450

Retail: €547,924

Dream Easy Price: €328,754

Destination: BVI

Lagoon 52 sailing

2017 Lagoon 52

Retail: €958,818

Dream Easy Price: €575,290


Destination: Puerto Rico

Bali 4.0 Sail Magazine Best Boat Nominee

2017 Bali 4.0

Retail: €411,110

Dream Easy Price: €246,666


Contact us for details of all current opportunities.