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Purchase using a Guaranteed Income Program

What if we told you, there's an all too secret but incredibly logical way to get the answer you are looking for when asking the often times scoffed at question: "Honey, can we just purchase a boat and go sail around the world?"
Guaranteed Income Ownership

Purchase using a Guaranteed Income Program

What if we told you, there’s an all too secret but incredibly logical way to get the answer you are looking for when asking the often times scoffed at question: “Honey, can we just purchase a boat and go sail around the world?”. There are plenty of reasons yacht ownership seems like such a pipe dream to folks. People assume there are only few who are able to afford, purchase, and maintain a yacht. It’s not true, maybe once upon a time it was, but not anymore. Gone are the days where you have to jump through hoops to not only purchase your “dream boat”, but also to maintain and sail and adventure on board it. After years of working with charterers and yacht owners, we have been given the ability to create and tailor ownership programs which give us the great privilege of creating yacht owners out of people who only thought it a dream. While we have several different models which are available, today we will give you the top reasons to consider joining our Guaranteed Income Yacht Ownership Program.

First of all, who is this for?

We have found that this ownership model, (which allows you to own your yacht outright after five years of participation in the program, of which you will have access to up to 12 complimentary charter weeks a year, for starters) is best for a few different groups of people.

  1. The person or couple who are planning to retire in 3-5 years and long for the days when they can sail off into the sunset leaving their working lives behind. The benefits of joining for this owner are numerous but the standout perks are their ability to travel to over 40 destinations up to 12 times a year while finishing their 9-5 career. All with the confidence in knowing they have made an exciting and sound investment in their future with those hard earned retirement funds.
  2. The charter regular, you know them. With any luck, you’re one of them. This is the person and family who are clued in, they max out their vacation time each year going to either their favorite destination (trying to see all 60 islands in the BVI perhaps) or exploring numerous exotic locale’s by water. If you charter annually, or if you are lucky enough, multiple times per year, this is you. The benefits of purchasing the yacht of your choice, (and we know you’ve tried most of them) into our Guaranteed Yacht Ownership program are simple. Make an investment in a yacht of your own and just like the move from that rental house to your very own home; put your money towards an investment you are proud of. The 12 weeks of charter a year really make a case for trying to check off all 43 destinations during your five year program.
  3. We’ve all done it. Heck, there are meme’s of cat’s doing it. We’ve all pondered becoming first time yacht owners. The thought usually ends once you realize how much work and money may go into the outright ownership of your own boat. The Guaranteed Yacht Ownership program is ideal for the first time owner. Sit back, the same way you did when you were day dreaming about your dream boat and think about these things, we will take care of it for you, we will maintain it, moor it, clean it, cuddle it at night and take away all of the hassle of owning your first yacht. All you have to do is show up to the base of your choice and catch the lines when you take off on your next adventure. Seriously, it’s that easy.
  4. Our last group of savvy yacht owners are our ever growing Syndicate population. Think, Hamptons share house, or that ski house you talked about purchasing with a few other families. Now, put it in the water moored off of the prettiest beach you’ve ever seen. This dear friends is one of the least expensive, most intelligent, budget friendly ways to own a yacht. Get together a few friends or a few other families. Choose from one of our many brands of monohulls and catamarans. And, split the cost as many ways as you can. This way, you are paying a fraction of the cost of yacht ownership, but like the charter regulars, are able to take those trips anywhere in the world a few times a year. So, 4 Couples, pay 1/4 the cost, get 3 weeks of charter time anywhere in the world each year for five years. Then, you can sell the boat at the end of the five years and reinvest into the program for another five. Start writing your destination bucket list now!

There are many benefits to owning a yacht in our Guaranteed Yacht Ownership program. Here are a handful:

You can find all of the details on our Guaranteed Yacht Ownership page.

That dream isn’t looking too far off anymore is it?