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Yacht Ownership – 4 Things For Maximum Cruise Enjoyment

Cruising a yacht is a unique vacation experience, there are things that you need to consider for maximum enjoyment. Read this for a successful cruise!
Yacht ownership has it’s perks

Yacht Ownership – The Right Mindset for Maximum Cruise Enjoyment

Cruising on a yacht requires a certain mindset, and if you don’t have it, you may have a hard time. There are ways of adapting your thinking and going into ‘cruising mode’ that will really help make your yacht ownership a success.

Follow these tips to enjoy your cruises to the fullest.

Be independent
While sailing (or motoring) a yacht there is nothing worse than something breaking, unless you know how to fix it.

If you have your yacht in a charter management program, industry standard maintenance is normally included, but if not, this lands on your plate. Having a basic knowledge of how to sew sails, repair simple things, replace lines and troubleshoot the engine is vital. Even basic knowledge of electronics can be useful.

Take the time to learn enough to be able to get the yacht back to the dock or a safe place to continue working on the boat.

Be flexible
If you are someone who hates waiting, or who becomes agitated when something unplanned happens, sailing may not be for you. Life on a boat requires you to be flexible and patient; there is always something out of your control. It may be the conditions, other travelers, equipment malfunctions; any number of different issues can come up when you least expect them.

Be prepared that many of the locations in warmer climates tend to run at a slower pace. Getting food, finding mooring for the night or just a simple visit to a bank can take hours, and patience is needed in order to have a good trip.

Be comfortable
While out cruising you may have to part with a few of the luxuries you normally enjoy at home. You should choose a boat which has all the amenities and tools to make life on-board more comfortable.

Look for comfortable beds and seating, good shade cover on deck, solid kitchen tools and a barbecue grill. These things can make or break your vacation. If you and your guests are comfortable, your cruise is guaranteed to be more enjoyable.

Be silent
One of the greatest aspects of sailing is the silence. There may never be total silence, but try and take the time to appreciate nature, and enjoy a break from your smartphone and computer. Listen to the wind, the water, the sails and wildlife and enjoy the fact that many people never even get to hear or see these elements in their day-to-day lives.