Own 25% of a 2019 Bali 4.5 and Sail the World

Invest 25% in a fractional share of a 2019 Bali 4.5 in the Caribbean and you can take advantage of using up to 5 weeks of personal sailing time per owner at 40+ Dream bases around the world!
2019 Bali 4.5

2019 Bali 4.5 Dream Fractional Offer

Pay only €170,185 up front for a 25% share in a 2019 Bali 4.5 in the Caribbean in our new Dream Fractional yacht ownership program.

Dream Yacht Sales is now offering 25% shares of a 2019 Bali 4.5 in our new Dream Fractional program. Are you ready to own a yacht and sail all over the world? This fractional yacht ownership program offers up to 5 weeks of sailing at any of our 40+ bases. Dream Fractional is the first truly global fractional sailing program. It enables you to become an Dream Yacht owner without the full investment.

Dream Fractional yacht shares are now being offered on a 2019 Bali 4.5 sailing catamaran with 4 cabins and 4 heads, based in the Caribbean. The program length is 60 months. The terms include no additional yacht ownership costs plus guaranteed income paid annually.

Fractional Yacht Buy-In Overview

  • Quarter share total buy-in price (including *joining fee): €170,185
  • Guaranteed income** of 5% of the purchase price, paid annually: €41,306 over 5 years per quarter share
  • Owner use up to 5 weeks per year (Average value $7500 per week): €187,500 over 5 years
  • At the end of the program, keep 25% of the proceeds from the sale of the yacht!
  • Provisions for early release from the program included, contact us for full details.
  • Delivery in Fall 2019 to the Caribbean

Ownership of the yacht is held in an LLC with the four shareholders as members.

*Quarter share prices include a mandatory 3% administrative/joining fee and accounts for 2019 price increase from the manufacturer.

**The guaranteed income of 5% is paid annually to the LLC. Contact us for the full details of this program.

Contact Dream Yacht for more information on this program and full specification on this 2019 Bali 4.5 in the Caribbean
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