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bali 4.3

Bali 4.3 Award Winning Cruising Catamaran

We are delighted to be a Bali Catamaran dealer. As a brand, Bali consistently pushes the envelope on innovation and builds what have come to be known as the ultimate cruising catamarans. Balance of performance and luxury is what drew Dream Yacht Sales to the brand originally. Our yacht charter customers continually confirm that the Bali cruisers are exactly what they want for space, style, and comfort. This is good for our owners, too, who have indicated that the Bali 4.3 is a perfect and now award-winning example of an ideal cruiser.

Unique Bali 4.3 Design

From the waterline up, the Bali 4.3’s groundbreaking and spacious design with a “loft” style layout provides ample space to socialize and sprawl out after a long day in the water or ashore. Its revolutionary design features a garage-style door with sliding panels, which allow the dining area to seamlessly and at the touch of a button go from an indoor space to an outdoor space. Windows surround the boat’s interior creating an open-air feel and coveted panoramic views of your latest escape. The Bali 4.3 offers a couple of well-thought-out cabin layouts with both three-cabin and four-cabin versions available.

Is the Bali 4.3 Right for You?

The Bali 4.3 is ready for you and available to be placed into our charter fleet in any of your dream destinations and is also available for private ownership. Dream Yacht Sales currently has some great offers to highlight this new model.

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