New 2019 Models From Dufour Yachts

Two new 2019 models from Dufour Yachts were recently announced as additions to the popular Grand Large cruising range: the Dufour 390 and 430 Grand Large.

The Dufour 390 and the Dufour 430 are additional offerings in the range and will not replace any models. These two new boats represent a new generation in the design evolution of the Grand Large range from Dufour, with sleek new looks on deck and in the hull shape. Interior space increased making new interior configuration options possible, while maintaining abundant natural light. On deck, much of the standard equipment has been upgraded and the new looks are modern and beautiful from all angles.

Dufour 430 Grand Large
Dufour 430 Grand Large
Dufour 390 Grand Large
Dufour 390 Grand Large

Both of these models will premiere at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September 2018. These new models will be offered for private sale or for placement into one of the many charter yacht management options from Dream Yacht Charter.

Dufour has been manufacturing monohulls since 1964, in France. Dufour partnered with top designer, Umberto Felci, to create a successful line of yachts based on the goal of providing the best sailing performance and cruising experience.

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