Dufour 48

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Balance between inside and outside space

The Dufour 48 Catamarans presents a perfect balance with the deck plan, the cockpit space, roof and foredeck divided into 1/3 of the total length. The large proportion of the roof differs from the models of the category and offer the thought of a very wide space of the living room area. Indeed, it is a testimony of a balanced project in terms of exterior and interior space, developed to offer the greatest comfort in all seasons. At the front, there are two outstanding sunbathing areas, separated by a large storage box and the anchor well. The sidedecks are spacious, and secured by hull bulwarks along the entire length. At the cockpit level, there are two steps, one on the port side and one on the starboard side, offering the access to the flybridge.


A functional cockpit as an extension of the living room

The cockpit space of the Dufour 48 is similar to a 50 feet boat or more. Indeed, the 8-metre boat’s width provides excellent space distribution and ideal traffic on board. There is a large table for 8 people, multiple seating and relaxation areas, as well as the famous plancha created by Dufour Yachts. The various portholes provide an incredible natual light in the rear cabins. The large window door opens completely for full communication with the lounge area.


Living room area and 360° vision

The Dufour Catamarans 48 has been designed to satisfy the requirements of both owners and renters wishing to live on board throughout the year. Offering a large living room was essential and the result is perfectly achieved. The kitchen connected to the cockpit, is fully
equipped and ergonomic with its many storage spaces. At the front, there is the office space – chart table, equipped with a repeater screen and an autopilot control with joystick, to control the boat from the inside. The sofa space – dining table, can be modulated in 3 positions – low table, dining table – double bed, with the seats smartly stored in the central furniture to keep the space as clear as possible.
The wide 360° window facing the sea provides plenty of light. The storage are various and well thought out, with a large console with drawers, ready to fit everything you need.


Piante interne

Dettagli tecnici

U. Felci
Lunghezza fuori tutto
14.4 m / 47.24 ft
Lunghezza scafo
14.2 m / 46.59 ft
Baglio massimo
8 m / 26.25 ft
16500 kg / 36376.23 lb
Pescaggio lungo
1.3 m / 4.27 ft
Superficie velica
124 m2 / 1334.24 ft2
Motore standard
2 x 50 hp / 2 x 50.69 cv
Motore in opzione
2 x 60 hp / 2 x 60.83 cv
Capacità gasolio
2 x 450 l / 2 x 118.88 gal
Capacità acqua dolce
3 x 270 l / 3 x 71.33 gal

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