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Yacht Broker in the USA
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Michel Benarrosh

Michel Benarrosh founded and manages Sailonline.com, a leading information portal serving the charter yacht community since 2000. He also started what has become the world’s largest charter-yacht owners association in the United States and served as its commodore for 11 years. Michel’s financial and legal education and experience combined with his first-hand charter yacht owner experience in the Caribbean makes him uniquely qualified to help prospective owners navigate the sometimes-bewildering choices and intricate transactions associated with purchasing a yacht. His broad knowledge of the charter industry also can be invaluable to owners who want to select the best management options to meet their individual needs.

Buying a charter boat requires complex decision-making on several levels. Yet, owning a luxury vessel can be a wonderful process, made easier by getting the right information from a trusted source like Michel. Michel has owned six boats over the years including three charter yachts. He has worked as a consultant for the purchase and sale of charter yachts. Michel maintains a membership in Boating Writers International and has published numerous articles in several major nautical magazines and publications. His sailing and cruising experience covers the eastern Caribbean and the Mediterranean and he holds a US 50-ton license.

Michel is a licensed yacht broker in the state of Florida and holds a doctoral degree in international business law.

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