Dufour Monohulls

Dufour Monohulls

50 years of yachting passion

Sail away. Leave the world behind.

Grand Large Range

Ultimate freedom and the chance to enjoy every moment awaits you with a Dufour yacht. The Dufour Grand Large yacht range was designed to make sailing as pleasurable as possible, through easy handling and outstanding comfort.

Enjoy cruising at a pace that suits you in a yacht built to give all crew members an incredible experience.

Redefining the boundaries of what is possible.

Exclusive Range

Why compromise? Enjoy maximum performance, stability and balance alongside sleek, modern and bold designs with Dufour Yacht’s Exclusive range. Customised to suit your exact needs, find your home from home today.

The exclusive yacht range offer effortless handling and comfort, making use of state-of-the-art automated equipment, redefining the please of sailing.

The ultimate sailing pleasure

Based in La Rochelle, France since 1964, the Dufour shipyard produces about 350 monohull cruising sailboats per year. Their Grand Large and Exclusive ranges comprise of 12 different models from 31 to 63 feet that are distributed in more than 30 countries around the world.

Dufour Yachts are known for their exceptional sailing qualities and sturdy construction, their contemporary styling, and an abundance of onboard comfort amenities.

Hull Shape

Optimizing the performance of hull shape wrapped around a voluminous cruising interior is a fine art. Dufour sailboats combine creative problem-solving and scientific analysis to deliver outstanding sailing performance.

Hull stiffness

Maintaining the designed hull shape under load to withstand extreme conditions is a function of the hull rigidity.


Dufour’s performance yachts includes a self-aligning system that allows the stock to pass through a spherical plastic knuckle, which is housed in a machined aluminum body. As the rudder stock bends under load, the knuckles rotate within the body. The stock rotates evenly inside the bearing surface, reducing friction for smooth and easy steering.


Decks are designed to combine maximum comfort and pure navigation pleasure. Spacious and ergonomic cockpits, easy circulation around side decks and clean deck plans.


Because a yacht is also a living space, we propose you various layouts adapted to your needs in order to guarantee a unique comfort in all conditions.

  • Skipper cabin on some models
  • Light flow optimization
  • Maximum ventilation
  • Fully equipped galleys
  • Modern and luxurious heads
  • Modular saloons
  • Numerous storage cupboards
  • Equipment – television, washing machine, wine cellar…

As you can see, a Dufour yacht is more than just a yacht. It’s an opportunity to sail away and leave the world behind.

Why choose a Dufour monohull yacht?

Leading designs. Exceptional Quality.

The unmistakable shape, elegance and performance of a Dufour yacht comes from a combination of exceptional design (at the hands of Umberto Felci – a leading naval architect), well-balanced hull shapes, strong aft sections and reduced wetted surface areas and appendages for cruising.



From start to finish, all Dufour yachts are manufactured in La Rochelle, France. From conception, to design and production, around 400 models a year are produced at Dufour’s headquarters, using only the highest quality materials. Meticulous assembly practices, lamination by hand, and refined joinery are just some examples of the meticulous attention to detail applied during the production process.

The Dufour Yachts Team

Dreamers, creators, inventors. The Dufour team share a deep passion for sailing. Their single goal is to put their imaginations to work in defining the next generation of sailing yachts. Each year they work to take sailing to new heights and redefine what is possible.


We are experts in monohulls

At Dream Yacht Sales, we are passionate about exploring the oceans, which is reflected in our handpicked selection of only the very best brands.

From power and sailing catamarans to monohulls, browse our range of brands, or get in touch with us if you would like some assistance with selecting your ideal yacht, or would like to find out more about our range of Dufour yachts for sale.



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