Power Catamarans

The power catamaran market attracts more buyers every year and is growing fast. All the large boatyards such as Bali Catamarans, Fountaine Pajot and Nautitech have used their expertise in the world of sailing multihulls along with the innovative power only brand Aquila to bring a new generation of motor catamarans to market. From experienced sailors no longer wishing to raise sails, power boat enthusiasts, to first time yacht owners; power catamarans offer an excellent boating experience.

Fountaine Pajot MY 40 Power Catamaran
Stability and speed
Twin hulls and twin engines

The twin hulls of a power catamaran give it a great deal of stability at all times. Whether you find yourself in a slightly choppy birth, or out at sea in a swell and full crosswind, you will suffer much less from rolling and pitching, giving a comfortable experience to the crew.

Power catamaran yachts are equipped with powerful engines that allows you to reach your destination more quickly than a sailboat and spend the extra time visiting more places, or just relaxing together aboard the boat. Your two engines also make maneuvering in harbors simple, by allowing you to turn in a circle by reversing the two engine controls.

Modern power catamarans are generally very fuel-efficient compared with monohull motor yachts of the same size.

Nautitech 47 Power Catamaran
Socialize or retreat to your own space
Peace of mind

Make use of shared, open living spaces where you can relax and socialize, or retreat to the privacy and seclusion of your own cabin. Our range of power catamarans for sale offer a great deal of space; and by selecting the right layout, you can create more social or secluded spaces to match your needs.

The two hull design provides excellent peace of mind when it comes to safety, as modern catamarans are practically impossible to tip over, and the open space afforded by a power catamaran causes less risk of trips or falls for your crew or family as they move around the boat.

The addition of a second engine (something not found in most monohull yachts), further adds to your sense of security. There’s no need to worry if one breaks down, as you can still get your family, friends and crew back home to port.

Power catamaran brands and Dream Yacht Sales

There’s no better way to find the perfect power catamaran to buy, than to step on-board and experience what they have to offer. As a first step, you can visit international exhibitions such as the Fort Lauderdale or Cannes boat shows and see what’s available. Once you have narrowed down your choice, you can organize a trial with our team of experienced sailing professionals, or even arrange a charter to try the boat out for yourself before buying.

We work with three of the leading power catamaran brands in the world: Bali, Fountaine Pajot and Nautitech to offer you a wide range of yachts and configurations. Whatever your needs, we’ll help you find the perfect yacht, as we have a wide range of catamaran power boats for sale.

Contact our team today to discuss your needs, or select a boat on our site, configure it to your taste and we’ll provide you a quote there and then.