Aquila Power Catamarans

Aquila Power Catamarans

Setting a new standard


The ultimate cruising platform

Aquila Power Catamarans began in 2012 through a melding of some of the industry’s most experienced boat developers, designers and builders. Just a few years later, Aquila has come to represent the newest and most exciting evolution in power catamarans on the market today.

Practicality blends with innovation and quality for the perfect cruising vessel – built with rugged strength for crossing oceans, yet practical, comfortable and stylish enough for cruising inland waterways or simply enjoying a day trip on the water with friends and family.

Aquila catamarans are expertly designed to deliver stable, fuel efficient cruising with exceptional comfort and space. Thoughtful details abound in all five boat models ranging from 32- to 48-feet – including live aboard luxury and conveniences usually associated with larger yachts.

With this solid range of award-winning yachts and options, you’re sure to find an Aquila power catamaran for sale which suits your power cruising style.

Why choose an Aquila power catamaran?

An unmatched team collaboration

Aquila Power Catamarans were developed in close collaboration by some of the most talented and experienced teams in the yachting industry. Together they created a unique and innovative power catamaran unlike any other on the market today.

Strength meets style

From inception, Aquila catamarans were built to be able to withstand rugged ocean crossings, with resin-infused hulls and deck construction, and tank-tested hulls that are completely sealed between blocks. Yet style doesn’t take a back seat on Aquila boats. She is a beauty to behold on the water, with modern onboard details and premium finishes.

Practical live-aboard comfort

With expertise in extended day chartering, Aquila’s founders understand onboard comfort, convenience, safety and durability like no one else. Efficient use of space makes the Aquila live-aboard lifestyle a joy. Substantial storage spaces, soft round edges, memory foam beds, variable temperature transom showers, and aft steps designed for comfort and ease of boarding – these just a few things that set an Aquila power catamaran apart.


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