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Sail up to 8 weeks per year for €6,070!

How is this possible? It’s quite simple, you only need to know our Dream Easy Buyback programme! First, you will select the yacht of your dreams. We will ask you for a down payment of 35% of the retail price and at the end of the management programme (after 6 seasons), we will give you back 10% of the original price if you do not keep the boat. You will have paid 25% of the retail price of the yacht to sail up to 8 weeks per year from one of our 40+ dream destinations. But where does this figure of €6,070 come from? Here is an example to illustrate all the benefits of the Dream Easy Buyback Program.

The boat:

Brand: Jeanneau
Boat Model: Sun Odyssey 349
Retail price (ready to sail, delivery included): 145 683 € Excl. Tax.
Location of your yacht in this example: Greece

The program :

35% down payment: €50,989
10% buyback at the end of the program if you do not keep the boat: €14,568
Total cost over 6 seasons: 50,989 – 14,568 = € 36,421
Cost per season: 36,421 / 6 = €6,070!

This price includes:

  • The berth
  • The insurance of your yacht
  • Professional maintenance during 6 seasons
  • All boat safety equipments, dishes and bed linen
  • Access to 40+ dream destinations worldwide!

What are the conditions of eligibility?

The only condition to access this program is to have the down payment of 35% of the retail price of the yacht, ie €50,989 in this example. You will not have any operational costs during 6 seasons and will get back 10% if you do not keep the boat. Other models are available in this program in many destinations, do not hesitate to ask us for the current list of boat available in this program.

What happens if I want to keep the boat at the end of the program?

In this case you will still pay a 35% down payment and then pay a balance of 25% at the end of the program. You will own your own boat for only 60% of its retail price and you will have sailed up to 8 weeks every year for 6 seasons.

For more information, contact us on our online form or make an appointment with us at one of the upcoming boat shows!