Pilot Saloon 42

Classic design signature

Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 42

Classic Design Signature

The new Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 42 – the smallest in the line – carries forward the iconic design signatures which have made the Pilot Saloon range so popular amongst cruisers since their introduction in 1991. With a unique approach towards cruising that focuses on natural light, space and the pure pleasure of sailing, this stunning mid-size monohull will please the most discrimination sailor.
The modern and powerful hull design, by Berret Racoupeau, boasts excellent maneuverability in all conditions, and soft chines promote improved stability.
Step aboard the Pilot Saloon 42 and experience an uncommonly well-rounded cruiser that is as elegant as it is blue-water capable.


High Performance Sailing

The new Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 42 has a high-performance hull shape, with a straight bow that stretches the waterline to the maximum length for efficiency and speed. The powerful stern supports a double rudder configuration for optimal control at all points of sail, while also reducing the wetted surface which improves sailing performance in light winds.
The standard 7-foot draft keel lowers the center of gravity for ultimate sailing performance. Or choose the 5.75-foot short draft keel for navigating and anchoring in shallower waters.


Sun-Soaked Spaces

The Pilot Saloon range takes inspiration from natural sunlight and the elements – which positively influence state of mind and energy. With this in mind, the floors of the Saloon Pilot 42 have been elevated to optimize the sunlight from the panoramic wraparound windows. A feel of understated elegance pervades the interior spaces through design, craftsmanship and materials. The efficient port-side galley offers up ample counter space and double sinks, and the large dinette area features comfortable U-shaped wraparound seating.
The Pilot Saloon 42 can be delivered with 2 or 3 en suite cabins, with wood finishes in teak or clear oak.



Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 42 Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 42

Technical details

Berret-Raccoupeau Yacht Design
Overall Length
12.99 m / 42.62 ft
Hull Length
11.79 m / 38.68 ft
4.34 m / 14.24 ft
11300 kg / 24912.21 lb
Deep Draft
2.15 m / 7.05 ft
Shallow Draft
1.65 m / 5.41 ft
Sail Area Upwind
94 m2 / 1011.44 ft2
Engines standard
54 hp / 54.75 cv
Engines optional
80 hp / 81.11 cv
Fuel Tank Capacity
412 l / 108.84 gal
Water Tank Capacity
412 l / 108.84 gal
Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 42

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