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Bali stands alone in the cruising catamaran market

Bali catamarans are for sailors and their families who yearn for abundant living spaces, comfortable accommodations, and safety at sea. Bali’s innovative ideas have turned the cruising catamaran market on its head breaking with maritime tradition while delivering sail performance.

A true pioneering spirit is evident with pre-conceived notions thrown out the window:

  • trampoline turned hard surface sunbathing terrace
  • al fresco to weather-protected mode with a touch of a button
  • cockpit and saloon in one large space
  • unencumbered decks.

The innovations built on its Catana shipyard’s tenets of performance and safety make Bali catamarans a gale force to be reckoned with. 

Why choose a Bali catamaran?

Infrastructure - dedicated to cruising multihulls

With two production sites in France, Canet-en-Roussillon and Marans, Bali Catamarans carefully controls every stage of the production process: research and development, molding by infusion, engine installation, electrics, plumbing, furniture, finishing, delivery and handover. This ensures that the quality of each vessel is constantly overseen, from laying the keel to delivery.

Production - unrivaled quality construction

Conceived by Olivier Poncin and his design team, the construction of Bali’s range of catamarans takes place at the heart of the Catana shipyard in France.

With all the benefits of Cantana’s experience, technology, and infrastructure, its boats have been sailing to every corner of the world for more than 30 years. Its technological mastery of sandwich infusion in polyester and closed-cell PVC foam guarantees both optimal build quality and notable weight savings.

The low density of this material (in contrast to most competing catamarans who use balsa) contributes greatly to their buoyancy, making them virtually unsinkable. The use of the best anti-osmotic resins ensures the durability of the materials and hence the longevity of the boats.

Innovations - clear maritime quality and innovations

Bali Catamarans’ range is a product of the Catana shipyard’s research and development department, a legendary brand known for its high-performance, top-ranking catamarans. The Bali’s light weight, nacelle design, free-board height and absence of a trampoline allows better passage through the water, without slamming and without getting sailors wet. All signs of safety and performance. With the rig further aft, there is scope for a larger headsail compared to its competitors, and a self-tacking solent gives great maneuverability: much appreciated when sailing short-handed. All of these innovations, included on Bali catamarans, are born of the philosophy and values of the Catana Group.

Equipment - first-rate equipment and fittings

Bali Catamarans has focused carefully on interior and exterior fittings as well as equipment in order to meet the demands of its clientele and the quality specifications of its brand. Electrical installation and cabling of the highest quality conform to CE standards, offering both reliability and easy access with a view to blending innovation, technology, design and durable development.

Our partner organizations, among the best suppliers of electronics, deck fittings and rigging, have been involved directly with the evolution of this new range of catamarans, suggesting innovative solutions and conducting tests both in the laboratory and on the water. Combined, you benefit from the best of their technology with the best of Bali Catamarans.

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