Lagoon 51

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A convivial space

The Lagoon 51 has a flybridge that was optimized to cover 80% of its roof. Equipped with modular seating so you can accommodate as many guests as you would like, this allows you to welcome them to the helm and relax alongside the captain. A unique experience for your guests to enjoy.

Two staircases lead to the flybridge aboard the 51 catamaran, one for the helmsman and one for the guests. This double access allows for a great flow between living spaces on board, a common theme throughout the entirety of the yacht.

Full headroom in the flybridge allows for this space to be safely appreciated at both anchor and underway. Maneuvers are at hand from the steering station, while the guests can walk around without disturbing the helmsman.

Discover a truly convivial and sociable space.


As you walk along the side decks, you’ll reach the forward cockpit. This stunning space has an unobstructed view of the ocean and open horizons. Whether sharing in the sun or laying back in the shade the cockpit has many amenities to make sure you are at your maximum comfort level aboard the Lagoon 51.

The space has a comfortable seating area with a coffee table in the center and sun protection so you’re sure you can enjoy every moment possible while enjoying unimaginable views.


Our commitment to sustainability at Lagoon is to minimize our impact on the planet’s environment. We are prioritizing our sustainable solutions and environmental care in our company’s strategy.

To meet the demands of a new generation of owners, Lagoon teams are adapting and reinventing themselves. The new Lagoon 51 offers options of XXL solar panels on the roof. This technology provides more than 2,700 watts of power to operate the various equipment on board.

The panels fit perfectly into the lines of the catamaran’s design and do not interfere with life aboard. Even making access to the flybridge and sunbathing pads still accessible. Life aboard does not change with this upgrade to our 51’s design.

Plans d'aménagement

Lagoon 50 Lagoon 50

Détails techniques

VPLP Design / P. le Quément / Nauta Design
Longueur hors tout
15.35 m / 50.36 ft
8.1 m / 26.57 ft
1.38 m / 4.53 ft
Surface de voile au près
153 m2 / 1646.28 ft2
Moteur optionnel
2 x 80 hp / 2 x 81.11 cv
Capacité carburant
2x 520 l / 2x 137.37 gal
Capacité d'eau douce
830 l / 219.26 gal
Lagoon 50

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