Lagoon 55

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“This boat has no straight line, no flat surface, all the lines are drawn taut, all the surfaces are compound. This is done to express strength and quality. Nothing has been left to chance, this is a totally designed vessel in all its smallest details.”
Patrick le Quément – exterior design


A real terrace on the water

“The transoms have been really designed to be privileged places, at the water’s edge. You imagine yourself as outside the boat, listening to the lapping of the water, enjoying a good book…”
Marc Van Peteghem – VPLP design


Overhead windows for breathtaking vistas of star-studded skies

“Large windows and two spectacular skylights in the saloon, the heart of on-board living spaces, were created to “bring the outdoors in.” Opening up the interiors to such an abundance of natural light allows to have a seamless connection with the landscape and the natural environment”
Massimo Gino – Nauta Design


Piante interne

Dettagli tecnici

Patrick le Quément
Lunghezza fuori tutto
16.56 m / 54.33 ft
Baglio massimo
9 m / 29.53 ft
26500 kg / 58422.43 lb
Pescaggio lungo
1.55 m / 5.09 ft
Superficie velica
186 m2 / 2001.36 ft2
Motore standard
2 x 80 hp / 2 x 81.11 cv
Motore in opzione
2 x 115 hp / 2 x 116.6 cv
Capacità gasolio
1100 L l / 290.59 gal
Capacità acqua dolce
960 L l / 253.61 gal

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