Oceanis Yacht 54

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Safe and easy sailing

The Oceanis Yacht 54 isn’t just modern on the outside; it is a yacht that is crammed with the latest and greatest sailing technologies, intuitively built into her systems, that are designed to make the cruising experience as easy and as enjoyable as possible. Ship Control, an interface that allows access to boat data and components, is installed as standard. Dock&Go, which greatly facilitates engine-powered manoeuvering in tight spaces by combining a 360 degree rotating pod with a retractable bowthruster, is available as an option. Under sail, the optional Harken AST (assisted sail trim) automatically trims the sails based on apparent wind, all controlled by a simple display in the cockpit. Shorthanding a 54-footer has never been easier.


Great ease of movement

The flush cockpit allows for seamless movement between the companionway and the helm stations, creating an invisible partition between active and passive areas on deck. The flow to the aft swim platform and down the gangways to the foredeck is remarkably natural, and the positioning of lines, winches and controls allows for near-effortless sailing. Sightlines from the helm forward are excellent. The cockpit seats feel comfortable yet snug, though it is the foredeck sunpad that is likely to be the most popular spot on the boat.


Exclusive trim and materials

A close inspection of the Oceanis Yacht 54’s engineering and build quality reveals a craft that is decidedly a cut above the rest. Every single aspect of the boat has been carefully reexamined and nothing has been taken for granted – from the high-quality door fixtures and upholstery, to the exquisite molded woods of the interior, to the aluminum sub-floor that increases rigidity yet saves weight. The owner will be able to choose between two cabin layouts (both with two wood options available) and a palette of upholstery and paneling choices, to say nothing of electronic, mechanical, and rigging selections. Whatever the choice, on such a beautifully executed boat, the owner is bound to be one with the boat, and one with the sea.


Piante interne

Dettagli tecnici

Biscontini Yacht Design
Lunghezza fuori tutto
17.12 m / 56.17 ft
Lunghezza scafo
15.98 m / 52.43 ft
Baglio massimo
5 m / 16.4 ft
16600 kg / 36596.69 lb
Pescaggio lungo
2.5 m / 8.2 ft
Superficie velica
114 m2 / 1226.64 ft2
Motore standard
80 hp / 81.11 cv
Motore in opzione
110 hp / 111.53 cv
Capacità gasolio
400 l / 105.67 gal
Capacità acqua dolce
720 l / 190.2 gal

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