The fastest sailing boats

Catamarans can usually be seen cutting up the open water with a sailor or two hiking out in order to maximize speed. Being a multihull, a cat is the fastest type of sailboat you will find in the water. Catamarans are generally lighter than their monohull counterparts and because of their two hulls, have a smaller hydrodynamic resistance, helping them to attain greater speed.

The appeal of catamarans has led designers to construct vessels that satisfy every owner’s needs. Before purchasing a yacht consider the vast range of catamarans on the market.


Bali catamarans are designed to provide yachtsmen with ample living quarters. Bali catamarans are produced at only two sites: Canet-en-Roussilon and Marans in France. Their small-scale production ensures the quality of each of their yachts. The use of low-density material makes these boats extremely buoyant and just about unsinkable. Anti-osmotic resins also give the boats a highly protective covering – excellent for their long-term durability. To prevent water from splashing up and getting sailors wet, there is no trampoline netting. This new space creates a large area for sunbathing or socializing.


Catana catamarans are available between 42 and 70 feet long, giving prospective yacht owners plenty of choice. Every yacht is built with foam sandwich vacuum infusion technology, which consolidates the frame of the boat while at the same time making it lighter and faster. The infrastructure of a Catana is technologically advanced in comparison to its contemporaries because of the spacious bridge-deck clearance and lofty freeboard. Curved daggerboards reduce the chance of tipping, and “crash boards” will ensure the buoyancy of any Catana.

Fountaine Pajot

If you’re docked and happen upon an eco-friendly boat utilizing renewable energy resources, you have probably just encountered a Fountaine Pajot. These boats are constantly leading the pack as the most technologically advanced catamaran manufacturer. ‘Eco-versions’ are offered to environmentally conscious sailors. The durability of these boats give them a high resale value. The unique partitioning of these boats means that in the unlikely event of a leak, parts of the vessel can be sealed off.


Lagoon Catamarans are designed by the renowned boat designers Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot Prevost. These are the same designers of the famed 2010 America’s Cup winning trimaran. Lagoon Catamarans offer plenty of luxury living space, mixed with performance sailing ability.