How to deal with power failure while at sea

While it’s extremely rare to find yourself completely out of power when out at sea, it’s always a good idea to be prepared, so you know how to react should it happen. Usually, the cause of power failure is down to the charging system that fails, as opposed to the batteries. In fact, it’s very […]

The Importance of a Sea Trial and Survey

Summer is just around the corner and your friends and family can’t wait to get out on the water. But there are a few serious considerations and some due diligence to attend to before putting a pen to the checkbook and declaring yourself the proud captain and new owner of your dream yacht.  Requesting a […]

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living with BALI Catamaran

The Best of Indoor/Outdoor Living with BALI Catamaran If you’ve been in the market for a sail or power catamaran, you have likely heard of one of the newest players in the market – BALI Catamarans. They’ve been shaking things up since their launch in 2014, with a wide range of 40- to 70-foot yachts, […]

Costs & considerations of international yacht insurance

Owning a boat can add a whole new dimension to your lifestyle – dreary landlubber days are transformed into endless fun on the water, and priceless memories with family and friends. But regardless of the type of vessel you’ve chosen, it’s important to protect yourself and your investment by carefully weighing your yacht insurance options […]

Sustainable sailing: 5 ways sailors can make a difference

If you’re a sailor, you likely already have a great appreciation for the world’s oceans, marine life, and awe-inspiring seascapes both over and under the water. Experiencing the ocean from a boat often instills a deep respect and amazement for its beauty and power. Yet, we can never overestimate the importance of our oceans as […]

Five most stylish sailing jacket brands

Protecting you from the harsh elements found when sailing the seas, a jacket is the single most important item of clothing a sailor can own. With many technological advancements in materials, sailing jackets are becoming increasingly performance-focused, with fabrics treated to become waterproof, windproof and breathable. If you’re looking for a new sailing jacket that […]

Our pick for the top gifts for sailing lovers

Christmas is right around the corner and if you haven’t yet picked up gifts for your family and friends, then it’s time to make a start on your shopping! If one of your loved ones is a sailing enthusiast, who’s constantly looking forward to sailing around the Caribbean, or discovering the Great Lakes, then why […]

The 6th Annual Dream Yacht Charter Owners’ Meeting in Naples, Italy

The weekend of Oct 26-28, 2019  was marked by the annual Dream Yacht Charter Owners’ Meeting that took place in the Bay of Naples, Italy. This awaited event was destined for success with over a hundred registered owners coming from all over the world. A large fleet of eight catamarans and four monohulls was mobilized […]

New Bali 4.3 Motor Yacht Debuts In North America

Bali and Dream Yacht Sales Introduce the Bali 4.3 MY   The search is over. For those that have been shopping the latest and greatest in liveaboard power catamarans, the dreamy new Bali 4.3 Motor Yacht checks all the requisite boxes for quality, livability and efficiency. Add to that the exterior’s unabashedly modern lines and […]