Dufour 44

The new perfect balance for a true cruising sailboat!

The art of relaxation at sea

For seasoned sailors or adventurers with a love for the sea, the Dufour 44 sailing yacht promises an unparalleled journey.

Crafted through the dedicated collaboration of Felci Yachts Design and the Dufour teams, its sleek hull design and nimble handling at the helm ensure mastery of the waves, offering precise and responsive control. The thrill of steering will captivate both seasoned sailors and newcomers alike. Despite its agility, the Dufour 44 doesn’t compromise on comfort. Its expansive, lavishly appointed interior, curated by Luca Ardizio, provides the ultimate haven for relaxation at sea. From refined cabins to airy living spaces, every aspect is meticulously crafted for exceptional comfort.

Moreover, its generous beam affords a spacious cockpit and an easily accessible bathing platform—a novel addition from Dufour—ensuring unforgettable moments on the water.


The saloon layout has been designed to offer maximum space and conviviality. Dufour is introducing a new feature, a hexagonal table giving a new design to the saloon and providing seating for up to 10 people thanks to its movable stools.

Forward, the Owner’s cabin with its Island Bed and en-suite bathroom surpasses all expectations for optimum comfort. This new 14-metre Dufour yacht has been designed with an emphasis on detail, atmosphere and choice of materials. The result is a warm, light-filled atmosphere, where you’ll find more space and storage than ever before. The Dufour 44 yacht offers a total of 4 different layouts, with 3 or 4 cabins, and either a longitudinal galley or a forward galley.


Dufour sailboats are renowned for the precision of their interior layouts. With L-shaped or front galleys, there is plenty of open space with a spacious lounge area perfect for entertaining. The wide panels let in an incredible amount of light. Each area is carefully planned to make it as liveable as your home with an elegant design enhanced by light sources for the warmest ambiance. The furniture presents an exceptional finish. Made with the finest types of wood and framed in luxury solid wood, it stands out with its contemporary style. Materials such as Corian and the leather inserts were chosen for their aesthetic touch and, most importantly, their ability to stand the test of time.


In keeping with Dufour’s DNA, the deck layout has been designed to give you a smooth sailing experience that’s full of sensations. The area between the helm station and the two winches has been enlarged to make sail manoeuvring easier. At anchor, you’ll be able to move freely around the plancha grill, thanks to the double access from the platform, which has also been enlarged.


Technical details

Felci Yacht Design
Overall Length
13.91 m / 45.64 ft
Hull Length
13.1 m / 42.98 ft
4.45 m / 14.6 ft
Deep Draft
2.2 m / 7.22 ft
Sail Area Upwind
100 m2 / 1076 ft2
Engines standard
50 hp hp / 50.69 cv
Fuel Tank Capacity
250 L l / 66.04 gal
Water Tank Capacity
250 L l / 66.04 gal

Dealerships offering the Dufour 44