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Lagoon is the world leader in the construction of cruising catamaran sailboats. Lagoon has built more than 6,000 catamarans since 1984 and has never stopped developing its offer with boats ranging from 40 to 78 feet in length. Lagoon’s intent is to offer comfortable and self-sufficient catamarans, produced in a sustainable way, equipped with the latest technologies, all for the satisfaction of today’s sailors.

Designed to offer a unique lifestyle on the water, Lagoon catamarans are the result of dreams of voyaging and a desire for freedom.

One could sum up Lagoon’s philosophy in three words: elegance, conviviality, safety. Three priorities that Nauta Design’s creations are based on. “When we draw the interior of a Lagoon, we aim to optimize the layout of space, while retaining a sober, luminous and comfortable atmosphere.”

Continuity between interior and exterior, direct and indirect lighting, harmonious proportions, warm atmosphere and ergonomic spaciousness, Lagoons yachts were the first to value a lifestyle on board a catamaran. Today, we remain the blueprint of the industry.

Comfort is synonymous with safety when it comes to our catamarans. All Lagoon catamarans conform to EEC standards. The fore and aft compartments of each hull are separated from the living area by watertight bulkheads.

The materials used, as well as the absence of ballast, reinforce your peace of mind while on the water and ensures your property’s performance underway: even if a shock occurs, a Lagoon can still sail. The Lagoon design department also deals with the conception of fresh and salt-water circuits, as well as electrical installations. Their creed has a foundation in reliability and a reverance of European standards, even exceeding them on many levels.

At the aft of each hull, the engine compartments are soundproofed with high-density foam. While remaining fully accessible, they’ve been removed from the living areas for more discretion.

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