Bali 5.8


Bali 5.8 - The new flagship of the range

BALI CATAMARANS is pushing back the boundaries once again with the all-new Bali 5.8.

This majestic sailing CATAMARAN is ushering in a new era in luxury catamarans. The Bali 5.8 combines all the Bali innovations to feature large, luxurious spaces and an impressive level of comfort with a luminous and refined design.

A large tilting door opens up the living space to the sea, while the solid deck of the forward cockpit boasts spacious seating areas and wide sliding windows that let in plenty of light and provide a great view. On the flybridge, a lounge, wetbar and sunbathing area invite you to make the most of your trip.

The Bali 5.8 offers extended self-sufficiency through the contribution of renewable energy thanks to the integration of large solar panels.


Stepping into the Bali 5.8, you’ll discover an interior that exudes sophistication and tranquility, where carefully designed living spaces seamlessly blend comfort and elegance, ensuring delightful moments on board. The master cabin serves as a haven of calmness, boasting a generously-sized bed and a private bathroom, offering upscale touches and opulent facilities for the discerning voyager.

Onboard, you’ll find distinctive features such as the opening front door, the square cockpit (a hallmark of the brand), and its renowned tilt-tilt rear door. The kitchen, chart table, and cabins (ranging from 3 to 6 depending on the version) are treated with an XXL approach, catering to the most discerning owners in terms of comfort. The square can accommodate up to 12 guests, while the flybridge transforms into a veritable rooftop experience.


The Bali 5.8’s exterior is crafted to enhance your outdoor experience to the fullest. Whether you’re unwinding on the spacious deck or admiring the stunning vistas from the flybridge, every outdoor moment is a tribute to the splendor of nature.

The forward cockpit provides a charming retreat for relaxation, featuring cozy seating areas and sweeping panoramic views. It serves as an ideal setting to unwind with a good book or savor a sunset cocktail in the company of friends and family.


Technical details

Xavier Faÿ
Overall Length
17.65 m / 57.91 ft
9.05 m / 29.69 ft
Deep Draft
1.47 m / 4.82 ft
Sail Area Upwind
179 m2 / 1926.04 ft2
Engines standard
2 x 80 HP up to 2 x 115 HP hp / 2 x 81.11 x 115 HP cv
Fuel Tank Capacity
1 200 L l / 0.26 gal
Water Tank Capacity
1 320 L l / 0.26 gal

Dealerships offering the Bali 5.8