Sixty 5

New for 2021!

Unique opportunities for this yacht category

The new Lagoon SIXTY 5 sailing catamaran comes as a worthy successor of the highly successful 620 model. This Lagoon catamaran also follows on from the SIXTY 7 Power Catamaran. The amount of volume that the SIXTY 5 offers for socializing and relaxing will immediately impress you.


The simplest thing is simplicity itself

A beautiful boat is defined by the generosity of her dimensions; her length and width perfectly accommodate quality rigging and powerful sails, which open up voyages and adventures. Everything is there, everything can be seen without required explanation. The SIXTY 5 is a beautiful boat that exudes discretion and is a rite of passage. Her design expresses herself naturally, seamlessly integrating expertise and creativity into the finished product.


Luxury and comfort come with space and light

The interior of the new SIXTY 5 is the latest step in an evolution defined by open and uninterrupted spaces that join the interior and exterior seamlessly and open views onto the beauty that you can sail to with this stable, seaworthy and dependable catamaran.



Technical details

Patrick le Quément
Overall Length
20.55 m / 67.42 ft
10 m / 32.81 ft
40000 kg / 88184.8 lb
Deep Draft
1.55 m / 5.09 ft
Sail Area Upwind
268 m2 / 2883.68 ft2
Engines standard
2 x 150 hp / 2 x 152.08 cv
Fuel Tank Capacity
2 x 650 l / 2 x 171.71 gal
Water Tank Capacity
2 x 500 l / 2 x 132.09 gal

Dealerships offering the Sixty 5