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What makes the difference? More boats. More destinations. More choice.

Be ready to sail the world with Dream Yacht Sales.
Explore more than 40+ heavenly destinations from the Atlantic to Pacific, and Northern sea to Australia. Discover your passion for yachting with 7 premium brands from a range of monohulls to sailing and power catamarans. Receive high standard support from our Dream Owners-care crew, benefit from technical expertise and local anchorage and get the most out of your ownership.

Can you imagine not having to worry about the ongoing maintenance and expenses? Make the best of our Owner Use Points system to enjoy up to 12 weeks of sailing per year in destinations around the world. And this is just the beginning, explore and see how Dream Yacht Sales & Ownership is the answer when looking to buy your own yacht….

Explore the benefits of Ownership Programs

More choice of programs to suit your lifestyle & ownership goals

7 smart programs to offset the costs of your yacht
Your boat is active in the Dream Yacht Worldwide fleet and generates revenue

Offset the cost of buying your new yacht with our Dream Ownership programmes. Your yacht will be in charter activity in our fleet, and under our management care for 6-7 years.

Depending on the chosen programme, you will receive revenue or benefit from immediate discount:

  • Get full property of your yacht at the beginning of the programme and generate revenue through charter activity
  • Benefit from immediate discount with a significantly reduced down payment excluding any revenue, and get full property at the end of your programme.

You are winning all the way! Just take full advantage of your Dream Ownership programme enjoying up to 12 weeks a year sailing on either your own or a similar yacht, in the world’s best destinations.

Explore Dream Ownership Programs

What fits you the best? Compare and choose.

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Get a yacht above 50 feet and be eligible for all-inclusive Crewed Service

Dream Crewed Service is the pinnacle of all-inclusive luxury in yachting. Buy a large, luxury catamaran, choose your professional crew and plan your next memorable vacation with stellar luxury services.
We handle everything from crew recruitment to marketing, booking and maintenance. Be sure that we will handpick the most qualified and professional local crews with strong expertise, unwavering yachting passion and trained to meet all of your high expectations. Just plan and we will make your Dream come true!

Dream Second Wind


Imagine buying a pre-owned yacht with the security of a guaranteed charter income, and all costs of berthing, maintenance, and insurance included. Dream Second Wind is designed for experienced skippers and charterers who have dreamed of yacht ownership. This exciting opportunity allows you to start enjoying the sailing lifestyle at a lower entry cost.

>> Discover more about Dream Second Wind

NEW! Dream Odyssey: World Tour Program

Sail your own yacht on a high seas adventure

What sailor hasn’t dreamt of sailing around the world aboard their own yacht, discovering the wanderlust cruising lifestyle, far beyond the mundane routine of daily life and setting sail for true adventure?
Our Dream Odyssey program sets you up for a successful world sailing tour of a year (or longer) with the support and confidence of our network of worldwide bases and a high performing, specially equipped Excess Catamaran.
Choose from 5 thrilling voyage plans taking you to the far corners, and sights that most will never see.

Get started on your dream journey

Get the most with our Quality and Service statement

In-house commissioning and high standard yacht care

Dream Yacht Group commissioning areas are operational in France, close to your favorite shipyards. Our on-site teams take over the whole process from reception, to preparation and expedition. Each yacht is equipped in-house with the most recent and qualitative equipment. Even when you yacht arrives in our charter locations, you can rest assure that your yacht will receive day-to-day attention and will always be in the best condition when you decide to jump on board.

Ready to sail boats and preferred production slots

Don’t wait years for the delivery of your yacht! With more than 800 boats in the fleet and 150 new units each year, Dream Yacht Group has become the greatest yacht purchaser of all time. At every time of the year, we take the lead with a wide range of stock boats equipped and ready to sail. Contact us to find out about the latest opportunities!

Tax incentives for US citizen

Enjoy our Dream Performance program as a business and benefit from tax advantage plan. US tax laws allows to greatly lower overall cost of yacht ownership and quickly establishes substantial equity in your new yacht. Dream Yacht Sales can introduce you to an experienced CPA advisor and will stand ready to assist in the operation of your new yacht business.

What do Dream Owners say about us?


In the simplest terms: MORE CHOICES. Dream Yacht offers the widest variety of locations, yacht types, brands and ownership programs to best fit your lifestyle and budget.
You can just pay an upgrade fee for the larger boat.
Yes, certain programs do allow this. Please contact us for more details.
Owners of boats in every program except Performance pay only a small cleaning and turnaround fee per charter in the range of 300 EUR.
35% is the minimum in our programs. You can get 20% down payment in USA for performance and guaranteed income programs.
On all programs except for the Performance program you have the access under the same terms as using you own boat. Performance doesn’t include this since it’s a pure revenue sharing.
Yes and No. By choosing Dream Partnership you don’t have to pay any VAT when you make your down payment but VAT has to be paid when the contract has ended if the boat does not exit the EU. If you choose a Guarantee program or Performance program the VAT has to be paid if the boat is located in a country that has VAT. But by putting the boat in a company you can avoid this.
We usually replace your boat with an equivalent or better boat. There is also a possibility to be financially compensated.
No, your close family can use the boat without you being onboard.