Earn more with our Lagoon catamaran Anniversary offer!

We’re celebrating 40 years of Lagoon & the amazing 140th Group Beneteau Anniversary – with a special opportunity. Now you can purchase a yacht through our Dream Guarantee program and earn an impressive 10% income – plus an additional 1% for Lagoon catamarans!

Celebrate Lagoon with us!

Our Dream Guarantee program is a fully-managed and worry free yacht ownership solution, with an income you can count on, and up to 12 weeks per year of sailing around the world. This popular and proven program is now offering an impressive 10% annual income for up to 3.5 years, with a 1% bonus income for Lagoon catamarans only.

With the Guaranteed Income  program you can fulfill your dream of sailing on yachts around the world, and you can also generate an income to help offset the purchase price.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to earn more with Lagoon

As a sister company of Lagoon under Group Beneteau – and in celebration of their successful 40 years as a  top luxury catamaran brand – Dream Yacht is now able to extend the exclusive offer of an additional 1% annual income, for select Lagoon catamaran models.

Shop our popular Lagoon 40, L42, L46 & L51 catamaran models with deliveries in 2024 and place your yacht in the Dream Guarantee program to earn the additional 1% income for the duration of their program. Enjoy the additional income while still benefiting from all of the standard program features you’ll learn about below, like all costs included, and up to 12 weeks of sailing from any Dream Yacht destination.

How does the Dream Guarantee for Lagoon program work?

After selecting your Lagoon yacht that’s preconfigured for charter, the yacht is placed in the Dream Guarantee program. Dream Yacht manages all aspects of your yacht’s marketing, operations, maintenance and finances – at no cost to you. Insurance, berthing, and maintenance costs are all included in the program. You’ll receive a monthly guaranteed payment for the duration of the program.

During the program, you’re entitled to sail yachts around the world for up to 12 weeks per year!  With over 40 bases and more yacht models than anyone else, Dream Guarantee opens up endless sailing opportunities! Use our Owner Points System to plan your sailing weeks, with access to our online booking system.

At the end of the 36 to 42 month program, you can choose to continue in the Dream Guarantee program with an adjusted income based on your yacht’s current value and keep your yacht in the Dream Yacht charter fleet. Or, choose to take advantage of flexible options and transition your yacht into our Dream Performance program.

Ready to get started?

Learn more about the incredibly popular Lagoon brand, and the Lagoon 40, L42, L46 & L51 models available with the Dream Guarantee for Lagoon offer.

Contact our expert Sales Consultants to learn more about our flexible options, and for guidance on the purchase process, from choosing a yacht that is right for you, to finding the best financing and more. Get in touch today!

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