Great Sailing Performance from the new Dufour 382

The new Dufour 382 proves comfortable cruising boats can have great sailing performance.

The new Dufour 382 was named the 2016 Cruising World Boat of the Year for “Best Midsize Cruiser”. After you sail this boat, you will understand why. Sailing is a unique experience in which the journey is more fun than the destination. These days it is common for designers to focus more on the comforts of the interiors and give concessions to the design of the deck layout and cockpit in exchange for more space inside. There is no performance compromise with this boat and the interior still feels open and comfortable.

Cruising World has taken notice that the designers of the Dufour 382 have hit the nail on the head by letting the buyer chose from various performance sailing options, while including standard cruising amenities on deck. Dufour took a hint from other successful products and incorporated customer feedback into the 382 model. That feedback went into creating a smarter and more user-friendly deck layout, an increased sail plan, and an innovative hull form, resulting in a well-balanced boat that is a breeze to sail.



Dufour 382

On deck, you will find the rigging and deck systems which allow for adjustments under sail which are not found on many new cruising boats in this size range. A self-tacking jib is standard but an overlapping genoa is an option. Headsail trim and traveller adjustment are led to the cockpit. The sail plan includes a full-batten mainsail with two continuous reef points, sail fine-tuning controls and the option of an overlapping genoa. Sail handling choices are between in-mast furling and lazy jacks; customers can add an option for a fixed bowsprit for a code sail.

All this with more room in the cockpit and on deck than in other boats of this size and it is a joy to be at the helm. The Dufour 382 will get sailors of all levels to their destinations faster and once there, the family has plenty of room and storage below with all the amenities needed for a relaxed experience. This boat is offered through our charter management program.


Dufour382 interior

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