New for 2023!

Elegant Luxury

Lagoon has strived to produce a catamaran where harmony reigns superior between interior and exterior living. Compromise does not exist aboard the SEVENTY 7, innovation has enhanced your comfort and performance for a seafaring life.

With an illustrious team brought together by Lagoon–VPLP, Patrick le Quement, and Nauta Design–the SEVENTY 7 catamaran yacht marks an important step towards a boating world in which elegance and refinement are the staples of design.

Unforgettable Voyages

In search of another dimension of sailing catamaran, the SEVENTY 7 was created. Catering to othe ideology of having a home at sea, luxury is seamless to everyday life aboard this boat.

This new era of sailing yacht provides you with effortless living on the water. Spacious living areas and decks provide you with an experience unparalleled to any other while you enjoy the splendor of the sea.

Make your dream your reality

Your luxurious life at sea awaits with 25 m² of fully configurable space, this enables you to create your very own version of the SEVENTY 7.

Make your SEVENTY 7 catamaran your dream come true with whichever layout you so choose. Enjoy the beautiful days and glorious nights at sea on the flybridge and decks, as well as inside where you will enjoy immaculate views from anywhere.

Open floor plans being a key part in our design provide you with uninterrupted views from the cockpit in any of the options. We want to facilitate a convenient and freeing way of life for you at sea. The cultivation of personalized relaxation will inevitably come with being aboard the SEVENTY 7.


Technical details

Overall Length
23.25 m / 76.28 ft
Hull Length
23.28 m / 76.38 ft
11 m / 36.09 ft
Deep Draft
1.9 m / 6.23 ft
Sail Area Upwind
205 m2 / 2205.8 ft2
Engines standard
Volvo D4-175 CV hp / Volvo D4-177.43 CV cv
Engines optional
John Deere N5-230 CV hp / John Deere N5-233.19 CV cv
Fuel Tank Capacity
2 x 1400 liters l / 2 x 369.84 gal
Water Tank Capacity
2 x 800 liters l / 2 x 211.34 gal

Dealerships offering the Seventy-7