Christmas is right around the corner and if you haven’t yet picked up gifts for your family and friends, then it’s time to make a start on your shopping! If one of your loved ones is a sailing enthusiast, who’s constantly looking forward to sailing around the Caribbean, or discovering the Great Lakes, then why not gift them with something they’ll truly love?  Read on to discover our ten best gifts for sailors, that they’ll be able to enjoy when they’re both on and off their yacht.

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1. Sailing jacket
The stronger sea winds make a sailing jacket one of the best gifts for sailing lovers, to keep them shielded from the elements. Does your loved one enjoy sailing in colder climates? Look for jackets that are both windproof and waterproof. In fact, there are many sailing jackets to choose from, with a variety of brands and features; such as fleece lining, thermal collars and chin guards for full-face protection, all whilst offering maximum levels of comfort and flexibility.

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 2. Magazine subscription
From Cruising World, Sail and Power and MotorYacht, there are many different boating magazines that offer subscriptions delivered direct to your door. So, when your loved one isn’t out sailing the seas, why not gift them with their favorite magazine subscription, so they can get some inspiration on where to plan their next sailing adventure, or learn more about the latest technology taking the sailing world by storm?

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3. Marine watch
With so many different types of marine watches on the market, it’s one of our favorite sailing-related gifts. Choose from the likes of Frederique Constant Alpina to Omega’s Seamaster and much more. If your loved one likes to participate in regattas, then you might want to look for a watch that has a countdown timer, which converts to a race chronograph when the timer hits zero. Many marine watches are water-resistant, meaning they can be worn for both swimming and snorkeling. Discover some of the best sailing watches here.


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4. Watersports gear
Is your sailor a thrillseeker? Why not gift them with some watersports gear this Christmas, so they can have an adventure-filled time when they next head out on their yacht? The options are quite literally endless: fun water toys like yacht slides  snorkeling gear tend to be less expensive ; or you may want to look into watersports equipment such as jet skis, Kayaks, or stand up paddleboards and kiteboarding. One thing’s for sure, water toys and sports equipment truly are among the best gifts for sailing lovers. 


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5. Rum
The history between sailors and rum dates back to hundreds of years ago – making it a great traditional gift for the sailor in your life! A few hundred years ago, ships would typically store three types of liquids to keep their crew hydrated: water, beer and rum. As rum could be stored the longest without going off, it fast became a favorite amongst sailors. Discover the best navy rums, hailing from Jamaica, Barbados, Guyana and Trinidad, with sweet, rich and woody flavors available… just make sure your sailor doesn’t drink and sail!


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6. Water flask
Hydration is key, but if you’re out on the ocean for the day, it can be easy to forget to have a drink – but that can have a huge impact on energy levels. If you’d like to treat your loved one to a sailing-related gift, but are on a budget, then why not buy them a hydro flask? These stainless steel, vacuum-sealed water bottles will keep your loved one’s chosen drink cold (or hot) all day long, so they’ll never have to go thirsty.


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7. Sunglasses
We all know that prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays can have a harmful effect on our eyes, but did you know that the risk is increased when you’re out on the water? One of the best gifts for sailors this Christmas is a pair of sunglasses. Oversized sunglasses with wraparound lenses and anti-mist vents are great for limiting glare – and try to find glasses that are polarised and block UV rays. Take a look at some of the best sunglasses for sailors here.

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8. Waterproof speakers
If your loved one is out on the seas all day on their own, they’re not likely to want to sail in silence. One great sailing-related gift option is waterproof speakers.  There are lots of choices out there, so it’s important to do your research to see which are the best for you.. Look for length of play once charged and how waterproof they are – some can even be submerged underwater and still work. A range of brands sell waterproof speakers, including Bose, JVC, Jensen and more – review the full list here.


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9. Hats and gloves
A sailing jacket is great at protecting your body against the elements, but your head and hands are usually the first to go cold. Luckily, there is a huge variety when it comes to hats and gloves for sailors. From touchscreen gloves, to water-repellent hats with fleece lining; your loved one can enjoy being out on the open sea no matter how cold the temperatures are.


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10. Waterproof phone cover From taking pictures to keeping in touch with friends and family, every sailor will take their smartphone with them when they go sailing… but the last thing they want to happen is for their phone to get damaged by water. That’s why, if you’re looking for a sailing-related gift this year, we’d recommend waterproof phone covers. Sailing World recently tested a range of waterproof phone cases, ranked on volume, installation – and of course, how waterproof they are; so start there for inspiration. Now that you’ve got our top picks of the top gifts for sailors, it’s time to start your Christmas shopping! For the latest news in the yachting industry, head on over to our blog. Alternatively, if you have any questions about our yachts, then get in touch with us so we can help.